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Bagus W – Daly City

Epic limousine is the perfect choice to make your special occasion become more special. Irwandie the owner of this company is very kind, patient, trustworthy and professional. He will listen to what you want and will accommodate everything at the best of his ability. And above all, the price are very much competitive.

I wanted to proposed my girlfriend which now already become my Fiance 😀 and all thanks to the Epic Limousine that play a huge and important role on make sure that my proposal went smoothly. The driver gave me a phone call when he was one block away from the proposal location, and during that time me and my team wasn't finished with our decoration, what really surprised and amazed me was the driver's willingness to play along with me and helped me stalling time by circling around couple of block to delayed the arrival.

My Fiance are very happy with the service, she told me that the driver arrived at the location very promptly and kindly treated her like a princess. The limo's was very clean and luxurious.

I have no other words that can describe how much I am thankful for Irwandie and the team.

Thank you very much, will definitely do business with you guys again soon in the future.